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Date: 4th April 2019
The Romance between Website Architecture & SEO

Most people tend to think that building a website is a unique undertaking that is not related to anything else especially SEO, these people have been gravely mislead as the architecture of a website and search engine optimisation are deeply correlated and here are the reasons for it!

As far as the internet or the IoT (Internet of Things) is concerned, one name could be singled out and that name is Google and Google pays detailed attention to websites! Hence, it is critical that your website is optimised in Google’s language (coding and designing), which means that your URL structure plays a tremendous role in getting Google’s attention.

Google couldn’t care less about URLs that contain nothing but a series of numbers and symbols as a good URL structure would be able to describe what’s on a page through the use of hyphens between keywords; for example is a good URL structure that is favoured by Google whereas would be totally ignored.

Another factor that connects website architecture and SEO is the amount of time visitors stay on your page. In most circumstances, if your page is not user-friendly and complicated or not engaging enough, visitors will leave the page within seconds and Google is sensitive to this, thus the longer they stay on your site, the better it is for you.

Thus, make sure you hire a SEO savvy web developer as this would save you a lot of cost as opposed to hiring two separate parties to develop your web and execute your SEO. How fast your pages load is another reason that you should hire developers who are also competent with SEO as if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, most people just ‘browse on’.

It is critical to optimise images in order to make sure that they load quickly enough. Las but not least is the old might ‘keyword’ issue. If you must know, identifying keywords should be done way before you start building your website in order to make sure that those keywords have been injected into your site from the very beginning. 

Based on the fact given above (which incidentally is only the tip of the iceberg), it is critical that you take all SEO elements into consideration before you embark on building your website. The best way and most cost effective way to go about it is to hire a web developer who is not only going to build and design your website, but someone who is also capable of doing SEO for you.

This way you would be able to strike a long term partnership with the developer and reduce the cost of building and maintaining your website quite significantly. 

Apart from that, if at all you need changes to be done to your website, having a web developer who is also savvy about your business and your SEO needs, would be an advantage as the web developer would be able to provide you with sound advice on what you need to do in order to make sure the changes are in line with your business objectives.

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